Pick a design to be added to my blog

Hi Bloggers, an early Christmas prezzie for ya.

If you scroll down my blog you will see a few T-Shirt designs on the right hand side, if you send a request for which you would most like to see posted as a free vector I will add up the entries and the one with the most requests will be posted in all it’s vectory goodness

You’ve got until Friday 27th Novemebr to get your votes in and on Monday 30th the vector will be posted for all you lovely people.

What more can I say, its up to you, oh and only one vote per person, no rigging here, we’re not the X-Factor. 🙂

See you soon SB

7 Responses to “Pick a design to be added to my blog”

  1. the satansbrand cobra seems rad

  2. one more thing
    any chances you add a tattoo styled dagger/blades on your next freebie release ?

  3. ok dood

  4. Lauriel Coscia Says:

    Jam Hot!

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