Check this gal out!

Hi kids, here is a fantastic use of me vectors, this gal sure has achieved the Kustom feel with this one. Pop along to DA and MySpazz to check her and the club out!


Keep designing cool stuff Annie and ill be sure to feature them.

See ya’ll later

Ol’ Uncle Satan

One Response to “Check this gal out!”

  1. Hi there!

    I came across your blog, while looking for a hot rod vector. I’m a graphic designer from Australia. I found your hot rod (the one in this poster), but I’m a little daft and couldn’t find your rules for using your stuff, if I’m allowed to use it at all!

    I’m designing some posters/merch for a rockabilly gig/hot rod show here in Australia which is what I want to use the rod for.

    Could you direct me to your rules, or tell me your rules?

    I love your stuff by the way, you’re brilliant!

    Thanks so much!

    xo Miss Bobbi Fox

    P.S: I messaged you this same message on Deviant Art sorry!

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