Uncle Allan Style Tattoo vector

Hiya kids, I know its been a really long time since I posted but I have been way too busy.

But, because I love ya here is an Uncle Allan style vector for ya.

I love this old school style, have fun and same rules as always.

Click on pic to get vector.




10 Responses to “Uncle Allan Style Tattoo vector”

  1. Hi again mate,

    Is it possible to buy a custom made design?

  2. I’m in the 501st and want to make a patch with xmas-alike (with a stormtrooper or vader), so I can sell it and give all the money to charity. I’m working on an idea, but it all depends on how expensive you are. I might have to count my green stuff 😉

  3. Really? Dude, that is so awesome…!

    About the idea, I want to give you free hand since I know you have the “eye” for this. I like the Boba you made, that kind of style is perfekt. Vader and/or Boba with red xmas-hat/hats and a sack with gifts over the shoulder that you can barely see. Same angle as the boba-design you did..

    That is what I have in my head, but some of it might not fit in for you.. so do what you think is the best. I am sure it will be absolutely lovely 🙂

  4. No problem mate, that is really fast for free work 🙂
    Will you post it here or send it through mail? EPS-format would be great!

    Again, thank you so much.

  5. Awesome! 😀

  6. Hi mate, didnt it work out? =)

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