Woo Hoo, Vectors!

Hi kids, Ol’ Uncle Satan is still working out the best deal for his sever but do not worry.

What I hear you scream! you can download every vector in one HUGE (21.5mb) pdf file.

I know, I am too kind but here it is, all the lovely vectors in 1 file. Same rules as always, get em free off me and don’t spunk em around all the vector sites… plus YOU CAN USE EM FOR ANYTHING YOU WANT…… totally royalty free, if you make money and lots of it, it makes the cockles of me heart glow.

If you create something cool, let us know and ill feature it here 🙂

Enjoy and have fun…. more coming really soon, here is the link again in case ya missed it


8 Responses to “Woo Hoo, Vectors!”

  1. Thank you! very nice from you!
    Always a pleasure to look at your blog.

  2. Hey mate, I’ve been searching your page for your email. Can’t seem to find it. I wanted to discuss with you a job that hopefully you can help me with.


  3. Thank you so much for this! I love the vector pack, it’s so good of you to give it away for free. Do you do custom work too? So far I’m just looking for the leopard print from the ladies top on P.15, but just more of it so I can make a repeat print. If this is something you have or could make up just let me know prices etc X

  4. FRANCISCO Says:


  5. Hi SB, ur blog is a great job 😉
    Perhaps u can help me: i’m looking for ur file “babe-on-a-bomb” in free vectors, to paint it on my bike on the cover tank.
    But i can’t use a pdf. file, i need a ai. or eps. file instead.
    Thanks in advance for ur help!
    Greetings from France 😉

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